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We feel proud and privileged while claiming that we are the most reputed and professionally acclaimed escort agency in Pune bringing the really hot erotica queens to transform your sensual aspect of life in entirety. Each and every girl associated with our agency is born just to play erotic games with their clients. The clients who have gone for their services once are now their fan forever. Physical activity for them is a like a mission which they complete with all their might and professional capabilities. Each and every move that they make while in bed with you is inspired by sheer erotic practicality, experimentation, and innovation that all our clients simply love very crazily and madly.

Romance Lovers Can Now Enjoy GFE

GFE or Girlfriend Experience is something that can be availed from female escorts. This service is very popular among youngsters who do not have a girlfriend, however; men (who do have a wife or girlfriend) also sign up for this service if they are bored with their partner and want to spice up their lives. In this activity, you hire a girl who could act like your girlfriend and let you indulge in all those activities you can do with your wife or girlfriend. This service is also availed by working professionals who want a girl to stay beside them during a meeting, event or any other occasion. Since it has already been proven that having a girl by your side is beneficial and gives you an edge over others, these females worth their money.

After hiring a girl for GFE, you can take her to lunch, dinner on a date where you both can spend some quality time together to cherish it for the rest of your life. By availing these services, you can actually spice up your life. It is pretty common to get bored with your regular partner.

Go with Hand Job When You Are in A Mood to Play

Men are also mysterious in their own ways and want to have pleasure in many different ways, and handjob is one of them. Longing for a romantic session with girlfriend, wife or any other girl is pretty normal and if you are also one of them, you need to try hand job. It is one of the most pleasurable sexual activities in which the female partner plays with male's dick in whatever the way she wants with just one condition in mind - it should give him pleasure. In this activity, the female partner uses her hand to caress the male's dick in the most pleasurable way.

For unawares, the handjob is not limited to just touching seductively and the female partner can masturbate in the end in order to provide an unimaginable experience. Plus, in some rare cases, the female partner uses her both hands simultaneously for better stimulation with one hand around the dick and another one around his thighs. The handjob is particularly praised and considered one of the most romantic and exciting adult entertainment activity.

Want to Widen Your Sex Boundaries? Try Anal!

Anal sex is basically known for widening your sexual boundaries. With this particular activity, you successfully cross the conventional limits of sex and reach a whole new level of satisfaction. Since it is one of the painful sexual activity, it is pretty common to have your partner not agreed on it. In such a situation, there are two things you can do - either try to convince her or look for another option. In anal sex, everything matters. Even if you have a small dick, you can make a female cry if she is trying for the first time. BDSM lovers can do anything to enjoy this experience.

To do it in a pleasant way (if you are trying for the first time), you can use some lubricants for smoother penetration and in case you are trying it with an experienced girl, you do not need to do anything and can proceed with the "thing" instantly. Though this position can be performed in many positions, the doggy style is preferred by experts or let's says BDSM lovers.

Enjoy the Traditional Way of Sex in the Best Possible Way

Missionary is the oldest and very common sex position people do. Those, who are not interested in trying new thing, generally prefer missionary. In this position, the male partner stays on the top facing his partner's face and penetrating from the front. Even though it is the oldest position, it is still considered one of the most romantic positions as you both can kiss each other while doing sex. Plus, you can also use your hands to touch boobs and other sensitive parts to stimulate your partner. The female, on the other hand, can support the man by pulling him towards her from his thighs or butt. The female partner can also use her hands to stimulate the male partner.

In case you are bored with the regular missionary position, you can even make it interesting by making a few changes. For example, you can put a pillow underneath the butt of your female partner which will help you penetrate deeply. Likewise, you can make several changes in accordance with your comfort and your partner's preference and enjoy it to the fullest.

Bored with Missionary Position? Try CAT Variation for Unlimited Fun!

CAT or coital alignment technique is also known as grinding the corn. It is a variation of missionary position and is a bit harder which means a few percentages of people try this. In this position, both partners lie in missionary position however, the penetration is altered. In CAT, the man goes up while penetration which means the dick drills downwards. This position completely alters the outcome as, unlike missionary, the dick is now touching the clitoris. Since this position is a variation of the missionary, you are not allowed to leverage your hands which means you will be rubbing your bodies against each other while penetration.

Regular CAT position requires the man to stay on the top but if you want to have more fun, you can try reverse coital alignment technique aka reverse CAT. In this position, the woman stays on the top and performs strokes according to her pleasure. Both normal CAT and reverse CAT are considered tough sex positions and one should try them with optimum care.

Enjoy Deep Penetration by Opting Doggy Style

Doggy style is one of the most common positions people often try, especially the new generation. People tend to follow the trends shown in porn videos and the new generation seems to be obsessed with it. Anyway, this position is pretty beneficial for those people having a small dick. Since it allows deep penetration, people with small dicks can even satisfy a woman. To perform this position, you and your partner simply need to get in the position of a dog or in fact any four-foot animal and then you will be penetrating her from behind. For additional support, you can hold her from her waist and if not in the mood of holding, you can use your hands for multiple things including spanking, stimulation, and touching the boobs.

Much like missionary, this position also has multiple variations that you can use if you are bored with the regular one. The most common variation is "without any ground support". In this variation, you will lift her legs in the air and penetrate her as you do in original doggy style. This position keeps you in control.

Let Your Girl Control the Situation By Investing Yourself in Cow Girl Position

Cowgirl is also one of the most common sex positions also known as riding or woman on top. As the name suggests, the female partner stays on the top whereas the male partner lies down on his back. Since this position makes the girl in charge, she strokes according to her pleasure. Talking about what's interesting, this position can help you last longer than usual and you will not be ejaculated easily as the pushups are not done according to your pleasure. In this position, both the male and female can use their hands to physically stimulate each other and can add more fun if they add some activities on the menu. For example, putting some melted chocolate on each other's body and then kissing it will increase the excitement.

Cowgirl also has several variants and you can use different ones if you are bored with the conventional one. For example, reverse cowgirl is also a good option. In this position, you will be facing the back of your female partner. Likewise, you can try this position without lying down. Instead, you can sit and let your partner sit in your lap while wrapping her legs around your waist.

Pre-Sex Activities Are Fun, try Oral!

Oral sex is also known as oral intercourse and is basically a sexual activity in which both male and female can stimulate each other using their mouth or throat. Starting with the make activities, one can kiss, lick or suck the vagina of a woman to excite her to the maximum level. Likewise, the female partner can also kiss, lick or suck the dick of a man during foreplay. Oral sex is engaging and can increase love between a male and a female. It does not only satisfy them without having sex but also lets you know what they like or dislike. Good oral intercourse always results in good and you will end up doing the best sex of your life.

Talking about favorite activities, men prefer deep throat oral. Most the men have said that deep throat oral gives them an unimaginable pleasure they can't forget for the rest of their lives. BDSM lovers, on the other hand, take it on a whole new level by blocking the girl's nose for extreme pleasure.

Forget One Girl, Now is the Time to Enjoy Simultaneously with Two!

Threesome is something most men fantasize about, however; only a few of them actually achieve it. Since it does not make any sense to your girlfriend or wife and they would not want to let some other girl even touch you, you can't perform this activity with either of them. For this, you need some unknown people. Anyway, talking about the technique and prerequisites, you need to find two girls and then you can have sex with both of them simultaneously. While you will be penetrating one, the other will be helping you in it in many ways. For example, the second woman might be stimulating your active partner. Unfortunately, this activity can also result in pretty awkward if you are trying it for the first time and you need the courage to do it.

Coming to the fun part, this activity allows you to set a new benchmark in your sex life and you can actually enjoy it by trying new things. Threesome is not only an interesting activity but also helps you understand how to manage your time spent on different things during sex. It teaches you where you need to spend more time and where less.

Experiment with Blow Job & Achieve More Pleasure

The blowjob is also known as sucking off, giving head, BJ, fellatio, and fellation. This is something everyone already knows about. In this activity, the girl sucks the dick of his male partner until he ejaculates. Now the fun part depends on the girl how she wants to add more fun. For example, if what females say is to be believed, they love to do it while holding the dick in their hand whereas most of the men say that they do not want any disruption and prefer the blowjob without the usage of hands. A blowjob can be done in many ways and it completely depends on the girl how she wants to pull it off.

If we talk about variation, the most common name comes is deep throat. In this activity, the girl swallows the dick as deep as she can in her throat and then starts moving her head upward and downward. The second common activity is sucking while touching gently. In this activity, the girl sucks a man's dick while touching his thighs or balls gently.

Deep Throat Pleasure for BDSM Lovers

Deep throat is a fantasy for those whose girlfriend or wife does not do oral sex. In this particular activity, the female partner swallows the dick of her male partner as deep as she can in her throat and then starts moving her head forward and backward or upward or downward, depending on how she wants to do it. Sometimes, for quick ejaculation, they do the rapid movement whereas sometimes they do it slowly for enjoyment. Deep throat is generally preferred by BDSM lovers who can also be referred to as sadists - a person who loves to derive pleasure from inflicting humiliation or pain on their female partner. These people block the breathing of their female partner to inflict humiliation.

Coming to the variations, this activity, much like others, can be performed in many different ways. For example, "hand usage" allows the girl to use her hands to hold the dick and then put the dick in her mouth whereas "no support" activity does not allow her to use hands and she will be performing without any support.

Increase the Level of Pleasure by Opting the "69" Position

The "69" position is basically a conglomeration of oral sex and is performed by both male and female simultaneously. To perform it, they need to get in the "69" position. The male partner can lie down on his back and the female partner needs to be on the top with making sure her mouth reaches his dick and her vagina reaches his mouth. In this position, both of them are sucking, licking or kissing each other's genital. This is one of the most romantic activities one can indulge in and have more fun. When both of them are kissing each other's genital at the same time, it gives the optimum satisfaction and both of them cannot forget it for the rest of their lives.

Talking about the varieties, they can switch between their positions in order to gain control. For example, if the male partner stays on the top, he can stroke in accordance with his pleasure. This activity can also be modified in many different ways. One of the most common customizations is putting melted chocolate around the genitals in order to kiss or such that place passionately.

Try Spooning and Enjoy the Unforgettable Physical Intimacy

Spooning, Spoons Position or Spoons Sex Position is also one of the most romantic sex positions one can try. It is very popular among youngsters and can even be performed on a couch. To perform this, both male and female partners need to lie down on their same side and then the male partner will penetrate from behind. Since the hands of both persons are free, they can freely use for cuddling or physical stimulation. Spooning is often done when two people are watching a romantic movie and then they get in the mood to have sex. In such a scenario, they do not go to the bedroom and do it on the couch.

While it is considered very romantic and easy for a pregnant woman, it has some disadvantages too. For example, most of the time penis slips out and if the dick is small, you will end up getting frustrated. Anyway, this position is generally utilized in the morning when two people have just woke up and want to indulge in some romantic activity.

Not in A Mood to Have Sex, Yet Want to Have Fun? Try Foot Job!

It would not be a surprise if someone says he/she is not in a mood to have sex. In such a situation, one can try the foot job. In this activity, any of the sex partner (be it male or female) can rub their feet against each other's genitals in order to provide satisfaction. For example, the female partner can use her both feet to rub the penis of her male partner in order to do the masturbation. Likewise, the male partner can use his feet to caress the vagina of his female partner, exciting her to the maximum level. Basically, it is a non-penetrative practice.

A foot job is not limited to genitals and can be expanded to any part of each other's body. For example, the male partner can use his feet to caress his female partner's breasts. Likewise, the female partner can use her feet to caress his male partner's chest or other upper body parts. It is one of the best activities to do if you are not in a mood to have sex.

Reach the Maximum Level of Pleasure with Anilingus Activity

Anilingus, also known as rim job, rimming, anal-oral sex or anal-oral contact can be considered a variation of oral sex. To perform this activity, one needs to stimulate someone's anus by using his/her mouth (teeth, tongue or lips). It can be performed by any gender for any gender. For example, both men and women can perform this activity for each other. Since anus is the only part of our body with the most nerve endings, performing this activity can result in maximum pleasure. In this activity, the person uses his teeth, tongue or lips to kiss, lick or suck the cheeks or on around edges of the anus.

There are many positions defined to perform this activity. For example, it can be performed in doggy style position, missionary position with legs up in the air, the "69" position, and many more. Talking about the technique, one needs to (apart from licking and kissing) move his/her tongue around the edges of his partner's anus. If performed perfectly, it can deliver the maximum pleasure one can imagine.

Satisfy Your Partner in A Different Way - Fingering!

Fingering is one of the most common sexual activities in which a person uses his one or more fingers in order to stimulate anus, vagina or vulva. It is also considered a part of foreplay and male partners usually do the fingering in order to increase the excitement of their female partners. This activity can be done in different ways. Starting with vulva stimulation, the male partner needs to move his fingers outside or on the edges of the vagina. Coming to the anus stimulation, one needs to move his fingers around the edges of her partner's anus. He can also penetrate his one or more fingers inside her anus.

Coming to the third way of fingering i.e. vagina stimulation, it is basically done to stimulate the G-spot. The person uses his one or more fingers to penetrate and then strokes or tries to touch the G-spot. Talking about safety, one needs to cut and trim his nails before performing this activity as long and dirty nails can damage the internals or cause severe infection.

Tribadism - A Unique Way of Satisfying Yourself

Tribadism or Tribbing is an activity in which two women are involved and they rub their vulva against each other's body for clitoris stimulation. It can be done in many ways and the most common way among them is rubbing their vulva against each other. Talking about other ways, a female can rub her vulva against any part of her partner's body including arm, buttocks, stomach, and thigh. The best part about this activity is that you can perform it in any positions however; missionary is the most common among them. Tribadism term is generally used by lesbians or in the context of lesbians.

All the above-mentioned services are performed by each and every girl as per the desire of the concerned client. All our professional Pune escorts services providers have undergone a very rigorous training session and during the session, you will expect even the unexpected from them. All our pleasure givers understand that clients opt for their services in the light of the dissatisfaction that they experience in the friendship of their regular female partners including their wife and the girlfriends.

The ultimate beauty of the independent Pune escorts is that they always perform their jobs with equally energetic enthusiasm and sensual hunger. On the contrary, most of the ladies and traditional girls in the society always give the cold responses to their male partners and as a result people move to the professional escorts in search of the ultimate satiation and sensual satisfaction. Our girls are always highly particular about what they are offering to their clients. Experience any of them right away and feel the difference.