Unlike other services, it is really difficult for you-whether a new or an old punter to escort services- to find a reliable independent escort in Pune in no time. But based on advices of leading ladies in the industry from across the world, this quick guide will make it easier for you, giving a valuable insight into what to and what not while searching an escort.

Things to do

Be respectful and precise during conversation over the phone or email.  Do not say either in a round-about way or elaborate things unnecessarily. It is better to trim unnecessary fat of the talk and keep it to the point in order to fix a date with reputed calls girls in Pune.

Go through the provider’s website thoroughly. Also, do visit the website once again the night before the date. In this way, you can avoid asking questions that you should already know the answer to like prices, height, complexion, education and sexual acts, etc.

Help her maintain discretion. This is one of the most important things to do. As every lady wants to maintain discretion. So you should call her from the car, if you need location details clarified. Also, she wants you to be discreet while trying to find the direction to her hotel room. So you should know the buzzer code before you even walk inside.

Respect her restrictions and do not expect from her for what you are not promised for. For example, if she offers CBJ, do not ask her for BBBJ. No matter what you have read in reviews, do not push her for services that she does not offer. Forcing a lady for what is neither advertised on the site nor promised to you may result her being defensive.

Maintain a good hygiene. So take a shower before the date. Beforehand, trim your fingers’ nails and toenails. Also, do shave beards and always put on properly washed clothes.  An escort want’s that you impress her. So before meeting with one of the best-selling Pune escorts, you must groom yourself in a sexy style.

Bring your own condoms. It is also a precautionary step in order to prevent inspection from the provider, if she is infected.  Make sure you take the condoms in closed box so that you do not have to face any type of embarrassment during check-in, if you are going to meet her in her hotel room.

But if the date is on your residence, make sure the room is well-cleaned and things in the proper order.

Things not to do

Brush your teeth or mouthwash half an hour before the date. Rather you should brush your mouth in the morning and avoid pungent foods and the use of mouthwash. If you have eaten something pungent, let her known and simply say “Hey I am sorry, I had some lasagna for lunch.”

Slather yourself in the scent. If you want her kiss all over your body, then it is better not put on so scent or deodorant.

User her toilet except for peeing.

Bring her foods or anything else as a gift unless you sure through the website she is ok with that. Generally, an escort does not want you to give her a present provided you are much closed to her and she knows you very well.

So when you are looking to find Female escorts in Pune, keeping in mind these dos and don’ts will help you make things go in favor, and thus you can enjoy a good erotic experience.

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