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How did I stay in my business with the escorts in Pune?

How did I stay in my business with the escorts in Pune?

Pune Call Girls

I, Nandini Divekar, am a successful businessman in Pune. I have a textile mill, where about 150 workers do work in my mill. As a busy businessman, I was always in need of someone, who could look after my personal work, entertain my guests and address my business meetings. I hire many beautiful and educated girls for this purpose, but I was not completely satisfied with any one of them. Some had excellent writing skills, but did not have excellent communication skills, whereas some had excellent communication skills but did not have excellent written skills. But, I needed someone who has both skills.  Later, one of my colleagues told me to hire Pune escorts, who are perfect in both skills and hireable as personal secretary, tour companion, office assistant, hostess for the hospitable services of the guests etc.

How did I come to know about Pune escorts services, and whom did I hire?

As explained above, one of my friends acquainted me with Pune escorts services; I resolved to hire one of Pune independent escorts, who are open for their services 24X7. Having gone through numerous profiles, I came one of them, who enticed me a lot. Her name was Punlove and I contacted her personally. I told her over the mobile that I want to hire you as my personal secretary, who could look after all my working, including hospitality of my guests. I asked me to explain everything in detail and I explained her as she wanted. 

I said am i would like to take your interview first to check your written and spoken English. She agreed and I asked her to come to a hotel. It was an evening time and I was waiting anxiously for her. After a couple of minutes, she came in a car. I came out of the hotel and presumed her. Then, I took her in one of the rooms. I asked the waiter to bring tea for us. During mean time, I elicited her views about various topics. She was very fluent in English. Afterwards, I gave her an assignment regarding business English. I was awe-struck to know that she was the ideal candidate for the job. I congratulated her saying, you are selected for this and come to my office from tomorrow. 

For what purposes did I use the escort?

The independent Pune escorts, whom I had hired, proved very purposeful for me. She really did wonders for me. I often used to go along with her to many tours and she was always very faithful and loyal to me. I would heap many responsibilities on her and she would discharge them dutifully and honestly. She proved so good that I started having a blind faith on her. While entertaining the guests, she could easily win the hearts of guests and for this I was praised to the skies.

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  • Posted on : 09/11/2017
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